About Us

Rick Senn founded Lo Drag Inc, DBA The Swim IT in the spring of 2011. Amanda McIntosh started working for the company in the summer of 2011 for free because of her passion for the product.

The two knew that the product was a game changer for open water swimmers and the frequent deaths that were occurring in triathlons at that time. In 2012, there was a death every weekend in a triathlon event.

Most triathletes believe they are safe while swimming. They site wetsuits, lifeguards, divers, etc. that can protect them while swimming, but the fact is, with all of those things available people still die at an alarming rate in the swim portion of a triathlon.

Bringing a product to market that makes an athlete responsible for their safety is disruptive. The team received the same backlash that athletes expressed when the helmet was introduced. Amanda and Rick heard, “I’m a good swimmer,” “my wetsuit makes me float,” “the lifeguards will assist me.”

The reality is, most of the casualties are seasoned triathletes, most of whom were wearing a wetsuit, and were never seen by a lifeguard. Or worse, were seen too late.  Before Swim IT, there had never been a race legal swim safety device, and few triathletes and open water swimmers thought they needed one.

Our goal is to change safety in the water, one swimmer at a time with the Swim IT.