Repack Swim IT

The Swim IT is reusable. You will need a new 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridge after each use. These are easily purchased at any bike shop for about $3.

Learning to repack your Swim IT is essential to becoming confident in your safety equipment and encourages early deployment of the device before a situation becomes an emergency. Our most successful and satisfied customers practice at least three deployments and repacks before using the Swim IT on training swims or races.


WARNING: All Swim IT deployments are to be done in the water (wet). Dry land deployments may void warranty.

Watch the video below to learn how to repack the Swim IT

Step by step instructions for repacking the Swim IT

On a flat surface, place pouch and inflated life jacket.

Stow Red Trigger and remove used CO2. Install new CO2 snug, but do not over tighten.

Deflate life jacket by depressing green plunger on manual inflation valve. Use a vacuum for best results.

Place life jacket on a flat surface. Note: For ease of packing, the life jacket must be completely deflated.

Fold in half along long axis.

Fold in half along long axis a second time.

Fold trigger over manual inflation valve, resulting in an S-fold.

Fold remaining material under, so that the firing mechanism is on top and folded fabric below forms and S pattern.

Place white lanyard into a crease of the folded life jacket (as shown).

Place the red jerk-to-inflate handle away from the CO2 (as shown) and turn folded assembly over so that firing mechanism is in contact with the pouch opening.

IMPORTANT: Jerk-to-inflate handle is positioned to the left, in the direction of the red firing mechanism. Do not place the jerk-to-inflate handle in the same direction as the CO2 cylinder.

Failure to properly position the jerk-to-inflate handle will prevent deployment when packed.

CO2 must be on the right or bottom side of pouch when packed. Using the Swim IT patch for reference, the "UP" side of the pouch is the left side that the jerk-to-inflate handle should be near.

Insert the folded life jacket (firing mechanism side) first into the pouch. After inserting the life jacket, the folded fabric is nearest the pouch opening and the firing-mechanism-with-CO2 side of the folded life jacket is against the inside back of the pouch.

Insert remaining fabric into the pouch.

Massage the pouch to evenly fill the inside of the pouch with the folded life jacket.

Stow jerk-to-inflate handle with safety strap.