The Swim IT was directly responsible for
5 life saving rescues in the past 2 years.

“I am a 49-year-old ER physician, Ironman triathlete and mother of three. In 2009, while training for my first Ironman, I was diagnosed with exercise-induced supraventricular tachycardia, and after two failed ablations, I was told that I should no longer swim due to the risk of having an episode in the open water. I was devastated to no longer compete in triathlons. I searched for a flotation device with which I could swim, and was thrilled to learn about Rick's invention of the Swim-It. Since then, I have confidently completed nine iron distance triathlons, including Kona (twice), the Norseman Xtreme iron distance triathlon, and numerous shorter triathlons. The Swim-It does not slow me down; this year I was the first female swimmer out of the water at the inaugural Ironman Haugesund in Norway. I hope to never need to deploy it for myself or a fellow competitor, but as an ER physician I know the benefits of being prepared.”


“This is my testimonial about having insurance while swimming in the ocean. I almost died when a rip current swept me away while swimming in the Caribbean. Had I had the Swim It on there would have been no need for a life guard rescue. There I was and its true when they say your whole life passes before you when your about to check out. I'm a pretty good swimmer showing off my moves in the ocean when a rip current took me out. All in all it was a matter of minutes before I realized I was in trouble. I was exhausted as well in a matter of minutes trying to swim against the current to go back ashore. My lovely wife of many years had no clue as she watched from ashore thinking I was having a grand all time. Luckily for me an angel in the form of a lifeguard appeared out of nowhere. He threw me a floatation device and pulled me in. I died of embarrassment as well that day but lucky to be alive. I do not enter the water without the Swim It. It has taken baby steps to get to the point of having fun in the ocean again but I am confident with the Swim It. I have tested it out and it works. It's very easy to use and I'm confident that if I was ever in trouble again in the water, the Swim It is there to deploy. As an aside, the man that rescued me that day is now on a full time basis with the resort after they learned of his bravery. We are good friends and I'm glad the resort made the right move by hiring him full time.”

Frank Mendez

“This is my second purchase of a Swim IT device. Not because I needed to use my first one, but because I replaced it after a couple years use in the water. I am a fairly new swimmer and triathlete. I learned how to swim just 4 years ago and completed an Ironman last year. I have worn my Swim IT in a few races as well as open water swim practices. I’m not completely confident in water still, but this gives me much more confidence that I can go out and be safe by having this back up. Even as I grow as a swimmer, I will always use this as a safety measure. Hopefully I will never need it.. but I’m really glad that I have it!”


“Swim IT saves me mentally in every race because it gives me peace and reduces anxiety. I'm always surprised on the start line how many people I hear that are fearful of the swim but don't have a Swim IT.”


“I love my Swim-IT! It is barely noticeable when I swim. I’ve practiced deploying it many times and it always works. Thankfully, I’ve never “needed” it, but I am confident that it will be there if I do need it.”


“I’ve worn mine in probably half a dozen 70.3s and 2 fulls. I love my Swim IT! I’ve never NEEDED to deploy it but I did it once cause I just had to see how it worked! Awesome device!”

Jen Vandersteen